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~Life's an adventure. Live it. ~

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Hi, I'm Anya, nice to meet you. I was born in Poland and lived there for eighteen years (no, I don't eat pierogies and kielbasa everyday). In 1998 my mum, dad and brother moved to the US and they took me along with them ;). It wasn't all that easy to adjust, but it wasn't like I had a choice. So I've been living here ever since. And even though I'm grateful that parents sacrificed everything they had for me and Pete's future, it doesn't mean I'm going to stay here till I die. I love animals and nature (have four ferrets-Snowball, Daisy, Tobey and Frankie) and adore being active outdoors. I love horses, I've been riding since I was 15 years old. My heart lies with English hunt seat, but I also do Western and Sidesaddle. I'm also certified horsemanship instructor from CCHI level 1. I do not like American sports, such as baseball and football, I never learned the rules and I don't intend to. I don't really care that much for shows, movies and celebrities, but I think Alan Rickman is an amazing actor. I'm in love with Snape and Sherlock Holmes. I admire their use of intellect and wit. I listen to nearly everything that isn't labeled rap/hip-hop/punk/rave/metal/hard rock/R&B/soul/techno. You can rock me especially with Euro Dance (mmm.. Modern Talking.. mmmm). Lately I also took to James Blunt. He's angelic. I'm a Christian, so deal with that or go home, because I love Jesus, read the Bible and follow what it says. In 2006 I graduated the University of the Arts, concentration in jewellery and metalwork. Though I'm more of a designer than maker, really... I wish I had my own metalsmith studio or had an access to one, but for now my wax carving station should suffice.
Anyway, I'm 28, blond (been red and brown too!), Polish stubborn, romantic, sometimes quiet, sometimes talkative, adventurous, reasoning thinker, optimistic and usually reserved when it comes to meeting new people. It takes me a bit to warm up. I'm a European at heart. I feel at home in beautiful places that breath history and magic. I don't like big cities much, but when I went to visit London, I fell in love with the city. I'd love to move there to live one day.
But for now I'm in the US Pennsylvania, sharing an apartment with my loving boyfriend Jeff.