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My mum got a laptop. Her first computer, ever. Well, me and Jeff got it for her, Jeff knows about computers. Mum wants to learn all about computers, and it was neat on Sunday, when I was teaching her the basics, like how to scroll down the page, minimize, open a folder or turn the lappy off the right way.

I wish my old computer didn't die.... I lost so many great pictures. Pictures that I've never shared. Hm... stupid Geek Squad, they wanted fortune for the recovery of my hard drive. Money suckers!

I've been thinking about smells today at work (<- nothing better to do). My favourite one would be the smell of a sweaty horse, or a barn. Yeah, I love that. I miss horses like crazy! I asked Jeff to get me few rides for my birthday to which he said yes. I'm so happy and excited. Riding is my life :) I already found a stable, though it's about 40 minutes away from us. We live in a sucky area, there are no stables close by... :(

Life is boring. Mine is. Though I'm better lately. I'm not in pain anymore, except for few fingers first 5 minutes after I wake up. But that's nothing comparing to what I went through this past year... I wear heels again. I walk and go running again. I play my guitar again, though my fingers hurt when I do that. And I want to ride again. Horses, that is. I want a job with horses; my current job makes me puke most of the time... I can't stand sitting anymore, and I can't stand many other things... which I wont write.

Parents are selling the house. Almost had a buyer for the new year, but they offered too little money and parents turned them down. And my ferret Snowball is 8 years old now, which is ancient for a ferret. She went completely blind, but her attitude about it is excellent. She keeps bumping into furniture, but she doesn't seem to mind, and keeps on going. I wish I had that attitude when sick or crippled...

It's been almost a year, almost, since I turned vegetarian. And I've never been better. Well, I HAVE been better, but food wise, and considering my condition, well, today's the best I've been since last January. Yup.

So that's what's happening. Not much. It's ugly, gray and cold outside. Everyday I wish for a snowstorm, or a snow blizzard or something incredibly snowy. For two reasons. One: I'm dying to make a snowman. Or a snow horse. And two: I can't stand getting up so early in the morning for work. I just can't stand it! Grrrrrrrrr!


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Jan. 7th, 2009 01:27 am (UTC)
Do you still have your old hard drive?? If so you can have it installed as a second hard drive and be able to access the pictures. Even the Geek Squad wouldn't charge all that much for that...it's pretty straightforward.

I LOVE the smell of horses and barns too. Been years since I went riding.

What happened to you that has you in pain??
Jan. 8th, 2009 02:30 am (UTC)
Well, the Geek Squad wanted over $600, because there was some kind of second degree damage, or something like that. They originally told me it'd be around 200... Which I would have managed, but $610? That's a bit too much...

And I've been diagnosed with rheumatory arthritis beginning last year. I've had days when I couldn't go to work because of pain and most of my shoes wouldn't fit me because I was so swollen... But I'm so much better now! :)
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